NSA ProgramCommercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Trusted Integrator

Approved by National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program Management Office (PMO) in 2018 as a CSfC Trusted Integrator, we continue to be an active and innovative leader in Secure Mobility Solutions across the Department of Defense (DOD) and the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC).

The CSfC Program is the NSA’s strategy for leveraging emerging technologies to rapidly deliver Information Assurance (IA) solutions to meet the constantly evolving requirements of customers. CSfC enables the fielding of secure communications products and solutions in months, not years. As an NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator, IT Veterans is qualified to design, integrate, and operate CSfC-compliant solutions in accordance with CSfC Capability Packages (CPs) to address the agency’s communication challenges.

CPs are NSA and industry vetted, approved, and published solution-level specifications that can be used as a framework for customers to build secure mobile-first capabilities. These CPs are approved for use as end-to-end enterprise solutions that deliver your most important information to the edge – no matter where that edge is. This chart summarizes some (not all) of the CPs and describes their purpose.

For additional information, visit NSA’s CSfC Website [ https://www.nsa.gov/CSfC]

For additional information, visit NSA’s CSfC Website [ https://www.nsa.gov/CSfC]

Wireless Technology

Track Record

IT Veterans has been an advocate, developer, integrator, and operator of Secure Mobility technologies and solutions since 2013. IT Veterans has built a strong track record of delivering integrated solutions that boost data protection at a reduced cost. Our support has included customers in the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, and Civilian U.S. Government Agencies. Today, IT Veterans is implementing secure remote access and mobile CSfC solutions on a range of mission-critical programs.

IT Veterans developed and hosts an operational lab, also known as the Mobile Computing Collaboration Center (MC3), providing integration and security testing against CSfC solutions and products for adoption into customer enterprise networks. In this unclassified lab environment, engineers are able to perform pre-production testing that is hard to complete in secure spaces, saving our customers valuable time and money when considering new solutions.  We design, procure, test, document, install, integrate, accredit, and operate!

Technology, Processes, and People

IT Veterans’ Differentiator

IT Veterans takes a systems approach in bringing CSfC solutions to our customers. We balance the technology, processes, and people to ensure the solution will not only meet the mission needs but also address agency Authority to Operate (ATO) processes, organizational change management, and transition into O&M. Our customized solutions are designed to fit into each agency’s unique environment. We collaborate closely with Authorizing Officials (AOs) throughout the process to ensure the design meets the security standards and minimizes the time to obtain the ATO.

If you are looking to deploy a Remote Access Solution to provide secure “work-from-home” capabilities, enable secure wireless within protected facilities, provide connectivity across multiple campuses, or build a scalable infrastructure that is adaptive to meet mission needs, IT Veterans can play a supportive role to meet your goals.  Our services range from serving as your trusted advisor in providing CSfC expertise to your existing engineering and integration resources to developing and delivering a turn-key solution that meets all functional and security requirements. Furthermore, we can even provide capabilities as a managed service so you can focus on other priorities!

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CALLOUT- The Mobile Access Capability Package (MA CP) can be leveraged to provide many of this remote access or secure connectivity capabilities. The above is a representation of a high-level architecture that could support a mobile user over an untrusted network. If your requirements extend beyond a singular domain, deploying per the Enterprise Gray Requirements Annex can provide a platform for multiple CP solutions as shown below to support a myriad of use and business cases, making the most of your investment in CSfC solutions.

information technology

Vendor- Agnostic CSfC Solutions

Our customer-first commitment and vendor-agnostic perspective produce the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

One of our strengths is our exclusive partnerships with best-in-class vendors and manufacturers. Even so, when it comes to designing a solution for our client, we are vendor-agnostic; selecting only the products that provide the best solution and the most value for our customer, not the best margins. We have experience with testing most components on the CSfC Components List thanks to our MC3 Lab and are uniquely positioned to offer non-biased architecture and engineering support to ensure your priorities are addressed in the resulting solutions. From cellular phones to tablets and laptops, we have vetted solutions ready for deployment in your environment.

How We Can Help

information technology
We understand the administrative and technical requirements for deployment of CSfC solutions.
We plan and engineer your CSfC solution to eliminate unnecessary deviations to National Security Agency’s CSfC Capability Packages.
We maintain and administer the solutions after deployment to ensure continuity of operations.
We can “co-administer” solutions as well to ensure compliance with CSfC requirements.

About IT Veterans:

IT Veterans is the leading secure wireless solution provider for the U.S. Intelligence Community. IT Veterans’ Secure Mobility solutions provide secure Wi-Fi, Networking, and Security enterprise solutions that enable employees in your organization to engage with multimedia, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency across multi-layered lines of operations.

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Corporate Culture:

Integrating military core values – integrity, respect, and trust, we create an atmosphere where employees feel valued, establish meaningful long-term relationships while producing solid results which facilitate mission success, every time. IT Veterans’ Veteran Outreach Initiative and Community Excellence (VOICE) Program promotes our core values into our daily lives for the betterment of fellow veterans and civilians within our communities.

IT Veterans’ Contract Vehicles:

– GSA MAS Contract: 47QTCA20D00DY

  • SINS:
    • 54151S Information Technology Professional Services
    • 541611 Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition, and Grants Management Support
    • OLM Order Level Material

– NAVSEA SeaPort-NxG Contract Number: N0017821D9143

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Certified

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  • GSA MAS Contract: 47QTCA20D00DY
  • NAVSEA SeaPort-NxG Contract Number: N0017821D9143
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Providing professional services and tailored solutions that are relevant, innovative, and reliable.
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  • GSA MAS Contract: 47QTCA20D00DY
  • NAVSEA SeaPort-NxG Contract Number: N0017821D9143
  • VA CVE SDVOSB Certified
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