Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and verify that your infrastructure is resilient against the most advanced network level attacks originating from desktop, mobile devices, Internet of Things end points.

Is your organization vulnerable to cyber threats? Not sure? There is a good chance your organization may be neglecting the necessary safeguards, network infrastructure, and integrated application security testing framework. ITV helps mitigate discrepancies by deploying an integrated life-cycle systems security approach by ensuring software engineers and developers adhere to regulations and budgets.

This is accomplished by maintaining oversight of rapid development cycles with application security testing. Our proprietary application security testing integrates seamlessly into your application development life-cycle with user-friendly Visualization Dashboards that depict potential vulnerabilities in the production chain.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Informed Cyber Threat Deterrence

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Dashboards & Visualization
Securing digital infrastructures and protecting valuable assets and sensitive information within these systems is crucial for government and industry alike. As data volumes and complexity surge, government and businesses face unprecedented cybersecurity threats, creating a pressing need for rigorous and resilient security measures.
  • Big Data Analytics: Safeguard your organization’s big data analytics system by implementing state-of-the-art security protocols. We secure the data in rest and transit by deploying advanced cryptographic techniques. Our role in securing your extensive data infrastructure involves robust access control measures, secure multiparty computation, and differential privacy to ensure your comprehensive data analysis does not compromise the privacy of individual data points. 
  • Machine Learning (ML): ML systems are prone to adversarial attacks, which can compromise their functionality and reliability. ITV designs and implements robust security measures, from data sanitization to model hardening. We incorporate adversarial training and differential privacy in the ML models to ensure their integrity and confidentiality, reducing the risk of model stealing and reverse engineering. 
  • Dashboards & Visualization Tools: Dashboards and visualization tools can expose sensitive data and analytics, necessitating robust cybersecurity measures. We secure access controls, encrypted data transmissions, intrusion detection systems, and regular audits. We prioritize the principle of least privilege (PoLP) to limit access to necessary data, thereby minimizing the potential impact of a security breach. 
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

In an increasingly interconnected digital landscape, securing data integrity, confidentiality, and availability has emerged as a top priority for organizations. An essential aspect of this endeavor is ensuring cybersecurity systems and processes undergo thorough and impartial evaluations. Our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) service is vital in providing this assessment. 

IV&V in cybersecurity offers an objective analysis of your organization’s security compliance. Unlike internal validation processes, IV&V brings a critical, external viewpoint, offering impartial scrutiny of systems to uncover potential vulnerabilities or inefficiencies. 

Service Features: 

  1. Independent Review: ITV’s IV&V service provides a third-party, impartial examination of your cybersecurity posture. We identify risks and vulnerabilities that in-house teams may overlook by bringing an external perspective. 
  2. In-depth Verification: ITV verifies your system’s components are designed, implemented, and operating under your security policies, standards, and best practices—the verification process checks for the system’s security attributes’ consistency, completeness, and correctness. 
  3. Comprehensive Validation: ITV validates your systems are meeting defined objectives and requirements for cybersecurity. This involves examining the effectiveness of your system in a real-world setting, ensuring it behaves as expected when faced with various cyber threats. 
  4. Documentation and Reporting: At every stage of the IV&V process, we produce comprehensive reports detailing our findings, the implications for your cybersecurity posture, and actionable recommendations for improvement. 
  5. Continuous Improvement: ITV believes in adopting a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to cybersecurity. Our IV&V service doesn’t just stop at identifying vulnerabilities; it also provides strategic guidance on continuously improving your security posture over time. 

Benefits of IV&V in Cybersecurity: 

Engaging our IV&V service will bring you the following: 

  1. Confidence: By independently verifying and validating your security posture, you gain peace of mind that your cybersecurity measures are robust, effective, and aligned with industry standards. 
  2. Risk Mitigation: Unbiased examination and identification of vulnerabilities allow you to proactively address potential weaknesses before they can be exploited, thereby reducing your overall risk profile. 
  3. Compliance Assurance: Our IV&V service ensures your cybersecurity controls comply with relevant regulatory frameworks, reducing the likelihood of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage. 
  4. Operational Efficiency: By identifying system inefficiencies, our IV&V process can help streamline your operations, reducing unnecessary costs while enhancing your security posture. 

With cyber threats continuously evolving and growing in sophistication, your organization’s cybersecurity measures must remain agile, resilient, and practical. Our IV&V service provides the comprehensive and objective assessment necessary to achieve this, supporting your organization’s cyber health now and into the future. 

Web, Mobile, Internal & External Penetration Testing

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is a necessity and a crucial component of any successful business. The threats posed by cybercriminals are ever evolving, and organizations must adapt and improve their defenses accordingly. This is where Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) becomes pivotal. 

Pen Testing is a proactive and essential measure for maintaining robust cybersecurity. It involves simulating real-world cyberattacks on an organization’s digital infrastructure to assess its vulnerability to potential threats. Rather than waiting for an actual cyberattack to exploit weaknesses, organizations can use Pen Testing to identify and address vulnerabilities proactively. 

The importance of Pen Testing extends beyond the mere identification of technical vulnerabilities. It aids in avoiding costly data breaches that may lead to significant financial losses and severe damage to an organization’s reputation. Recent high-profile data breaches demonstrate the potentially catastrophic impacts of cybersecurity lapses, making Pen Testing an investment worth consideration. 

Moreover, Pen Testing provides a reality check on the effectiveness of existing security measures and policies. It offers invaluable insights into how an attack could occur, its likely impact, and the effectiveness of the organization’s response. Such information allows businesses to develop a strategic, data-driven approach to cybersecurity, focusing on areas of most significant risk. 

Additionally, regulatory compliance is a crucial driver for Pen Testing. Many industries must conduct regular Pen Testing to comply with regulations and standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Conducting and documenting routine Pen Testing can demonstrate due diligence and help avoid fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. Pen Testing is a critical aspect of a robust cybersecurity posture. It allows businesses to anticipate and mitigate risks, protect their brand reputation, ensure regulatory compliance, and ultimately, safeguard their bottom line. In the face of escalating cyber threats, regular Pen Testing is a compelling necessity, not a luxury. 

  1. Web Penetration Testing

Our Web Penetration Testing services are designed to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in your web applications. By adopting a hacker’s mindset, our seasoned professionals leverage cutting-edge technologies to simulate real-world attacks on your web systems, providing valuable insights by exposing potential weaknesses. Our process includes testing for security holes and flaws across several areas, such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and various Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 vulnerabilities. Post-testing, we provide comprehensive reports with identified vulnerabilities ranked by severity and detailed remediation strategies to ensure your web applications are secure and robust. 

  1. Mobile Penetration Testing

Our Mobile Penetration Testing services focus on identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities in your mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. We scrutinize the security of your mobile applications from various angles – whether it is reverse engineering, insecure data storage, privacy leaks, or improper session handling. We follow the latest methodologies in the industry, such as the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG), to provide an in-depth understanding of the potential security gaps in your mobile application landscape. You’ll receive an actionable roadmap for remediation, ensuring the protection of your user’s data and reinforcing trust in your mobile solutions. 

  1. Internal Penetration Testing

Our Internal Penetration Testing services aim to mimic an inside threat or a threat from within your organization’s perimeter defenses. The objective is to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your internal networks that could be exploited by malicious insiders or an external hacker who has managed to breach your perimeter defenses. This includes testing of your servers, databases, APIs, and other network devices. We use a range of advanced testing methodologies and strategies, including but not limited to privilege escalation, lateral movement, and internal data exfiltration. The result is a comprehensive understanding of your security posture, which is crucial to fortifying your defense against internal and external threats. 

  1. External Penetration Testing

Our External Penetration Testing services aim to evaluate your organization’s security from an external threat actor’s viewpoint. We simulate real-world cyber-attacks targeting your external-facing infrastructure and services like web servers, email servers, VPNs, and firewalls. Our approach aligns with industry standards such as PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard) and OWASP, ensuring your organization is resilient against attacks like phishing, Denial of Service (DoS), and other methods of initial access. We provide a granular report of identified vulnerabilities and their potential impact and recommend the most effective remediation strategies. 

ITV prioritizes clear communication, robust analysis, and a collaborative approach in all aspects of our penetration testing services. We also aim to uncover vulnerabilities and provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for ongoing, proactive protection. Trust us to deliver unparalleled security and peace of mind in a continually evolving cybersecurity landscape. 

White/Black Box Testing (3rd Party) - Red/Blue Team

ITV offers unparalleled cybersecurity services through White/Black Box Testing and Red/Blue Team exercises by an elite team of third-party cybersecurity experts. Our high-caliber services are designed to thoroughly evaluate your system’s resilience, expose vulnerabilities, and offer actionable strategies for enhancing your digital fortification.

White/Black Box Testing : Our White and Black Box Testing services offer an intensive assessment of your system from both an insider’s and an outsider’s perspective. Our comprehensive suite of testing services adheres to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, and detail. 

White Box Testing: Utilizing detailed knowledge of your system, we perform rigorous security testing from an insider’s perspective. Our experts scrutinize the internal workings, including the codebase, to expose potential vulnerabilities and weak spots, thereby reducing the risk of internal security breaches and system failures. 

Black Box Testing: In contrast, our Black Box Testing services evaluate the system’s external interfaces, oblivious to internal mechanisms. This approach replicates the perspective of an outsider attempting to breach the system. This robust assessment allows us to expose and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, safeguarding your system against external attacks. 

Red/Blue Team Exercises 

ITV’s Red and Blue Team exercises provide a full-spectrum adversarial simulation to strengthen security posture, train staff, and enhance incident response capabilities. 

Red Team: The Red Team, mimicking sophisticated cybercriminals, conducts multi-layered attacks on your systems. They employ the latest hacking techniques, social engineering tactics and exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities, providing a realistic and advanced threat simulation. 

Blue Team: The Blue Team represents your organization’s internal security team. They are tasked with detecting, defending, and mitigating the Red Team’s simulated attacks. Our exercises will give your Blue Team an authentic experience, helping them understand potential threats, improving their detection and response capabilities, and fortifying your organization’s defense mechanisms. 


Our cybersecurity services offer several benefits: 

  • Detailed insights into your system’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Actionable feedback and strategies to bolster your cybersecurity posture. 
  • Enhanced readiness to mitigate real-world cyber threats. 
  • Hands-on training for your internal security team. 
  • Confidence in compliance with the industry’s best practices and standards. 

We are committed to ensuring your digital assets’ safety and enhancing cybersecurity resilience through rigorous testing, real-world simulation, and continuous improvement. Choose us for a cybersecurity service that offers strict scrutiny and transparent, actionable paths to security excellence. 


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ITV possesses depth and breadth of experience in IT infrastructure engineering and operations.

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